Our values
who we are

We have three core values that guide our day-to-day actions and decisions. These values are anchored in the way we do things and are literally WHO WE ARE.


    We are a team of engaged people that leverages each member’s diversity and strengths in order to build and unite on shared goals.


    In order to find fulfillment and success, we share a determination to act by showing respect and dedication and by going above and beyond.


    We move out of our comfort zones in order to excel every day and find innovative solutions to the challenges we face.



our steps to operate

Every day, our workers must follow and apply the following three steps to operate on our sites:

  1. Is it safe
    for employees?

  2. Does it respect
    the environment and
    the community?

  3. Once the first two steps
    have been confirmed,
    operations may proceed.