our Biodiversity Commitments
  1. Avoid creating any negative impact on biodiversity whenever possible.
  2. Rehabilitate or restore degraded ecosystems.
  3. Restore degraded ecosystems.
  4. If an ecosystem cannot be restored, offset impacts by restoring other ecosystems.

These commitments apply to all aspects of our activities and all operational phases, from exploration to restoration:

  • Project development, including exploration, pre-feasibility and feasibility studies, and construction.
  • Mining, including facilities and core mining activities, as well as ancillary infrastructure.
  • Site closure planning and implementation.
2024-2028 objectives:
Target 1 – Protect and restore ecosystems
  • Apply the hierarchy of mitigation measures (avoid, minimize, restore, offset)
  • Take into account flora and fauna, as well as sensitive periods
  • Continue to implement the compensation plan for the loss of wetlands and fish habitat
  • Monitor the impact of our activities to ensure proper control (noise, air, water)
  • Continue to seek revegetation techniques to maintain biodiversity
Target 2 – Develop tools for maintaining biodiversity
  • Provide biodiversity training and promote the importance of biodiversity among employees and contractors
  • Share our knowledge with organizations conducting biodiversity research projects (e.g.: Abitibi Jamésie watershed organisation (OBVAJ), University of Québec in Abitibi-Temiscamingue (UQAT), CTRI, etc.)
Target 3 – Acquire knowledge
  • Develop tools that facilitate information gathering and biodiversity monitoring
  • Monitor pest animal management and tree and brush clearing
  • Take part in biodiversity research directly, or indirectly through monetary donations