During the Collaborative Approach, a wide-reaching consultation process held from 2015 to 2017 in order to involve the community in improving CMM’s practices, the Groupe de travail sur les enjeux de cohabitation à Malartic (made up of representatives from the Town of Malartic, the former Canadian Malartic Monitoring Committee and CMM developed a Good Neighbour Guide, which is still in use in connection with Canadian Malartic Mine operations.

The Guide includes :

  • Impact prevention, management and mitigation measures;
  • A compensation program relating to the impacts and inconvenience caused by our operations;
  • Guidelines Governing the Acquisition of Principal Residences in Malartic (End date: November 9, 2020); and
  • Guiding principles on the resale of properties acquired by CMM.

check out our neighbour guide (available in french only)

To view the Collaborative Approach Report and the review of the five-year implementation of CMM’s Good Neighbour Guide (available in French only), go to the DOCUMENTATION section.



The period for claiming compensation for the year 2022 under the Cohabitation Guide is now closed.

If you have any questions, please, contact our Community Relations Team:

819 757-2225, extension 3425

Monitoring PROGRAMs

We adhere to various national and international standards aimed at advancing best mining industry practices.

Our teams carry out many monitoring and tracking activities in the community.

We’ve had a Structural Integrity Monitoring Program since 2010. Right now, there are 16 fissurometers in 13 homes and buildings in the Town of Malartic.

Seven seismographs, installed in the homes of citizens of Malartic, measure the vibrations and overpressure created by blasting.

View our Blast Notices and Results for more details.

Four control homes in Malartic were fitted with measuring instruments from 2014 to 2016 in order to study the structural damage caused by mine blasting. External experts installed and calibrated the measuring instruments, while our team extracted and summarized the data. An analysis of the data recorded for the 2014 to 2016 period has been compiled into a study that is available below. Data have been collected for 3 control houses since 2016.

We monitor 7 domestic wells annually within a radius of 7 km from the centre of the Canadian Malartic pit, in collaboration with the Research Institute on Mines and Environment (RIME) UQAT-Polytechnique Montréal and the Abitibi-Témiscamingue Research and Service Unit in Mineral Technology.

The Domestic Well Monitoring Program is an initiative designed to increase our knowledge and address citizens’ concerns regarding a potential drawdown within a radius of approximately 7 km of the Canadian Malartic pit.

We’ve been performing ground penetrating radar (GPR) inspections of structures located within a 150-metre radius of the Canadian Malartic pit every five years since 2009. The goal of this program is to monitor the condition of buildings near our operations. The last inspections were performed in 2019.

When the government decree authorizing the Malartic Extension Project (MEP) was obtained, we committed to monitoring social and economic components every three years over the Canadian Malartic mine’s (CMM) life as part of the Environmental Monitoring Program.

The following social monitoring activities were carried out in 2021 and 2023 :

  • A study on Malartic’s socio-demographic and economic characteristics and CMM’s economic benefits covering the 2018-2021 period;
  • A series of interviews with social stakeholders in Malartic;
  • A citizens assessment of CMM’s environmental, social and economic performance;
  • A review of the Good Neighbour Guide;
  • A review of CMM’s community investments;
  • A follow-up of the ad hoc mitigation measures implemented as part of MEP work and CMM’s regular operations; and
  • An external audit under the Towards Sustainable Mining initiative.

View the 2019-2021 summary report (available in French only)




Does your organization in Malartic need volunteer help? We have established a volunteer program through which our employees can give back to the community. We provide information on organizations in Malartic that need volunteers and foster a culture of caring in an effort to make our team aware of how important community involvement is.

Please let us know your volunteer needs at least two weeks before your event.

Our team is proud to volunteer their time and to help promote volunteering.

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