June 19, 2024


We were absolutely delighted to welcome the members of the Comité d’échanges et de suivi Canadian Malartic (CES-CM) at the Odyssey Mine site for an extensive facility tour on June 12.

Patrick Mercier, General Manager, gave the group a brief presentation on operations and site construction status before they went underground. Committee members saw equipment at work and met operators. Back up on the surface, the guided tour took them to the Teleoperation Room, the Paste Backfill Plant, the Hoist Room and the Mechanical Shop.

Participants saw firsthand our crews’ commitment and professionalism, and the application of our three steps to safe operations. Health and safety as well as respect for the environment and the community are the bedrock of our operations.

The day featured meaningful conversations and good discussions. Committee members left with a wealth of information and a clearer vision of what the Odyssey Mine is and will be: Canada’s largest modern underground gold mine!

Thank you to all Committee members for your presence and interest and to all our colleagues who shared their expertise and passion with our guests!

The Comité d’échanges et de suivi Canadian Malartic (CES-CM) is a choice forum for exchanges between the Canadian Malartic Mine, the Odyssey Mine and the community that promotes good neighbourliness in Malartic.